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Cherry blossoms at Zenpukuji River Park - 2017

I mentioned in my last cherry blossom article that my Pentax K3 died.  It was a very sad moment.  However, all sadness passes as time goes on.  That sadness ended when I took possession of my new camera, a Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF 16-55mm f 2.8 lens and then set out for its first photo session.  I was more than happy with the result.

So late in the cherry blossom season, but Zenpukuji park was still looking good

The session?  Well, I was just intending to walk around my neighborhood and take a few snaps, learn the controls, that type of thing.  I ended up walking to Zenpukuji River Park, which is one or two kilometers from my house.  The park gave me a very pleasant surprise as the cherry blossoms were still looking pretty good.  They were definitely on the way out, but I was very happy to see what was there.  I wouldn’t say Zenpukuji is a must visit place in Tokyo, but in spring the trees there are pretty good.  It’s very much a local type of place.

As for the camera?  The quality of the pictures are extremely good, actually more than extremely good.  They are completely awesome.  As the camera has more dials and knobs than my old Pentaxes, some learning and adapting needs to be done.  That is quite okay, but there is one more thing about the X-T2 that has really impressed me.

Friends out for a walk

It has an electronic viewfinder (EVF)!  This has changed my world.  I used to think that EVFs were just gimmicks, but how wrong I was!!  Why?  Because, what you see on the screen is a preview of the picture you are going to get.  It’ll be exactly the same.  My K3 had an optical viewfinder.  With that, until I got home I and edited the photo I never knew how the photo would look.  Now I’ll know, right on the spot.  It makes things so easy.  The EVF does get a little laggy, but attaching the booster grip to it really speeds it up.

And the 16-55mm lens?  Never before have I had such a sharp lens.  I read reviews on the internet and watched many videos about the lens on YouTube.  My initial experience with the lens has been exactly what I’ve heard.  Yes, it is big, it is heavy and it has no onboard stabilization.  Seriously, once you put that lens on the X-T2, you suddenly lose any weight and size benefits that mirrorless cameras provide.  At this point in time I don’t care because it is so good.  The 16-55mm is really exciting and worth every penny but please, don’t tell my wife I bought it.

I think I’ll leave it here as I really can’t write a review for it at this early stage, and there are many good reviews of this camera and lens already on the internet by people who are far more knowledgeable about things camera than myself.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you have any comments or opinions about the flowers, location or especially the camera please leave a comment below!