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Christmas Lights - in the Marunouchi in 2017

Another year and another visit to the Marunouchi area.  The Marunouchi is a commercial district just across from Tokyo station and is filled with lots of skyscrapers that are filled with businesses, shops and restaurants.  Every year its Naka-dori (Center Street) lights up and draws big crowds to see its more than one million champagne-coloured LEDs.  Like many places in Tokyo, it is just light, very few Christmas decorations, which is a pity, but it was still very nice.

Looking along Naka-dori as cars speed by

The lights are very nice, and they are very nice to walk under, but other than that there wasn’t that much to do or see there, nothing in the way of entertainment.  From what I saw, the majority of people take a few pictures with their cameras or mobile phones and moved on.  I’m hoping that one day that real Christmas decorations are added to the lights which might really spice things up.

Looking towards Tokyo Station from the Marunouchi area

As for my photos, I was very pleased with this year’s effort.  Once again, I used a tripod, but exposed for the lights more, which made for brighter pictures.  If you looked at my pictures from last year you’d see they are quite dark.  This time, I think the pictures are much more attractive.

Lots of people enjoying the lights in Marunouchi

While there weren’t many Christmas decorations, I quite enjoyed my walk along Naka-Dori and I think everyone else who was there did too.  If you are in Tokyo but haven’t seen the Marunouchi lights yet, there is no need to worry as they will be on every night until Monday, December 25.  I’m not sure where I’ll be shooting the next light up event, but Tokyo Midtown seems promising.  Midtown always puts on a great show so I’m keen to see what they have put on for this year.

If you really like walking around a city to enjoy the night lights you can’t do better than the Marunouchi.  As well as the Christmas lights the area itself, is amazing as there are so many great buildings with their own, “light displays”.  And luckily, for us, the area is a sea of light all year round!