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Tokyo in Black and White - Shibuya

I don’t go to Shibuya early in the morning very often, but I did for this article. Usually I pass through it four times a week to and from work, but then it is mostly from the Inokashira station to the Fukutoshin subway line.  Shibuya is an interesting place, filled with contrasts.  Many of the buildings are rather old and, in my opinion, a little dilapidated.  However, the area has been undergoing some revitalisation over the last few years in order to get it ready for the 2020 Olympics.

Commuters passing, "The Myth of Tomorrow", at Shibuya station

Whenever I think of Shibuya, almost always I straight away think of the crossing.  Usually it is so busy with the crowds making their way across it each day, especially at night.  In the morning though, it is mostly free of people.  You can cross the road without fear of bumping into anyone.  Very strange.

Shibuya crossing looking rather lonely in the morning

Senta-gai is much the same.  Usually it is a hive of activity, but in the morning, most of the people there are just passing through, on their way to work.  The most noticeable thing I thought, when taking these pictures, was the rubbish everywhere.  Lots of trucks there with crews picking it all up.

Shibuya also has some very skinny buildings

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about Shibuya and other places in Tokyo, is that on the streets there is so much coffee drinking going on.  Many years ago, it was rather rare to see people drink on the streets, let alone coffee.  These days though, seeing a coffee-drinker on the street is nothing to be remarked about and is a common sight.  Probably the only people who will make comments, are people like me!

Old and new in Shibuya

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was it was completely a completely cloudless morning.  A completely overcast sky is horrible, but a completely cloudless sky is amazingly boring.  Maybe not boring, but it is less than inspiring.

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