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Chrysanthemums at Shinjuku Gyoen - 2017

When I visited Shinjuku Gyoen to see its annual chrysanthemum exhibit in 2017, the weather couldn’t have been better.  It was a superb day.  The flowers, I thought, were at their peak and considering it was a week day, there was a good number of people there to see them.  The only bad thing about the day was just waiting for people to move so I could get pictures with as few people in them as possible.

One of the ozukuri at Shinjuku Gyoen's chrysanthemum display

Shinjuku Gyoen is probably the best place to see chrysanthemums in Tokyo as the display they have there is just great.  If I remember correctly, they have six display areas?  Someone might need to correct me on that.  And each area displays its own type of chrysanthemum.  As the display areas are quite well separated you do need to walk a little to see them all.

Shinjuku Gyoen is always a great place to enjoy a walk especially in autumn

There are several different types of chrysanthemums, but my favourite would be the ozukuri.  Ozukuri is a big dome made up of hundreds of blooms.  They’re awesome.  Whenever I’ve been to Shinjuku Gyoen to see this exhibit, there have always been 3 of them under one roof, usually a yellow in the middle with a white either side.  They are quite spectacular.

As I mentioned in my recent Omiya Hachiman article I thought I’d try a polarizing filter to see if that would make some difference to my shots.  Unfortunately, I forgot one thing before I went.  If you didn’t know polarizers are placed in front of the camera to darken skies, help manage reflections and glare!  So that means there must be sunlight between your subject and your lens.  The chrysanthemums at Shinjuku Gyoen are in display booths which means that they are in shade – oops!  So, most of the shots here were taken without the filter.  So much for that idea!

Still I was able to get some shots with the filter, and they were pleasing. I’ll continue with the polarizer with other flower shoots in the future. Maybe I’ll be heading to Mount Takao soon to see the autumn leaves as well as Mt. Fuji so it’ll be more useful then.  Photography isn’t rocket science, it’s an art, so it is important to keep experimenting and see what works and doesn’t work

As always please feel free to comment or ask questions in the section below.  If you visited the park in 2017 to see the chrysanthemums I’d love to hear thoughts about the exhibit.  Don’t be shy!

You can see Shinuku Gyoen’s website here.