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Chrysanthemums at Omiya Hachiman - 2017

The weather hasn’t been that great lately as we’ve had two typhoons and lots of rain over the last few weeks.  However, good weather was finally back.  Even though I had work in the afternoon, the weather looked so good I decided to walk down to Omiya Hachiman to shoot the chrysanthemums at their yearly exhibit for the flowers.    As a bonus there were a lot of families were there with their children as it was the 7-5-3 festival.

Chrysanthemums have some lovely colours

I would have liked to have photographed the kids, but my target that day was the flowers.  But luckily the adults were wanting to photograph their kids, not the flowers, so where I was was fairly empty of people.  Well, not completely as a few flower-lovers were there too.

7-5-3 straight ahead and chrysanthemums on the right

The flowers looked to be in peak condition.  It was a bit difficult though as I find flowers difficult to photograph.  Cityscapes and landscapes are more my specialty I think.  With flowers, I can just never get any good pictures that I’m proud of.  My shots usually seem to lack a bit of edge them, very plain looking.  So … I feel a bit foolish for saying this but after I got back home I had a look on YouTube for some tips.  It seems that the recommended accessories are a diffuser and polarizing filter.

Armed with that advice, I’m going to try a polarizer at least on my next flower shoot and see how that works.  Hopefully that will be in the very near future.  It’s not that I am dreadfully unhappy with the pictures, because that is not the case.  It is just that I think they could have been a lot better.

If you like shrines I would recommend Omiya Hachiman as it is usually very quiet place.  It also has a dojo there for practitioners of kyudo (archery) there which is nice to look at (from near the door).  There isn’t a lot else in the area, but the shrine is a nice place to visit especially when these flowers are out!  You can see its website here.