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A Beginner's Guide to Long-Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography produces some of the most incredible photographs.  I love looking at pictures of cars on the road as they blur through a picture leaving only their light trails, or clouds during a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  Lots of people caught walking over a crossing can be very interesting too.  If these pictures interest you, then you should watch my video and learn how it is done.  They’re not that hard.

I found making the video quite hard.  To just sit on a chair and talk to just a camera isn’t that easy, especially when it’s your first time.  One problem I had was trying to remember everything I want to say on camera.  I had planned to raise a few points but later realized I forgot to talk about them!  And this is even with my script (more point form) taped next to the camera.  It can be quite a nerve racking experience.  Stage fright?  I don’t know, but it certainly seems like it.  Anyway, the more videos I make, the better I should get at them.

If you are into photography, I really hope the video helps you.  Doing everything manually isn’t that hard, it is just a matter of getting out there and shooting and shooting until you get it right.  As the old saying goes, “Failure is the mother of success”.  The majority of us shoot digital, so if you ruin a shot, just delete it and move on.  But if you do find it too daunting that is perfectly okay too, try using shutter priority mode.

What will the next video be about?  I really don’t know, but if you have a request please tell me by writing in the comment section below.  And if you have any ideas how I could improve my videos that would be greatly appreciated too!  You can see my YouTube channel page here.