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'Twas the night before Halloween ...

Yes, I know it was only October 30 and not 31, but I decided to creep into Shibuya to see what was happening, for like a preview of the big day.  Usually Halloween goes on for nearly a week in Shibuya with many people roaming the streets in costume.  I wasn’t disappointed, there were lots of people and a lot of them were in some amazing outfits.  I saw the Pope and a couple of his bishops, the Miniskirt Police (anyone remember them when they used to be on Japanese TV?), lots of undead nurses, a couple of Cinderellas and the list went on and on and on.  There were also a few characters there that I didn’t know of course.  It was a very good night, as everyone was out for a good time.  The overwhelming majority of people who were costumed very happy to be photographed.  I saw a lot of good outfits.

It was good to see the Mario Karts make their appearance with several Marios and Luigis driving.  A group of Minions were there on bikes, which was something new for me to see.  There was also a group of Killer Ronald McDonalds?  I wasn’t quite sure about them, but seemed to have an evil touch …

I wouldn't advise eating at their restaurant

The only thing I could say about the night that wasn’t that great was the police presence.  I wouldn’t say Shibuya crossing was swarming with them, but there were a lot.  In hindsight, not a bad idea really, as it does get extremely crowded and some people do get carried away occasionally so the police are needed, but …. I really wish they could have kept the constant public announcements to a minimum though.

To be told repeatedly that it is dangerous to run, dangerous to stop suddenly and take pictures and to keep moving, dangerous that it is so crowded and told again to keep moving and told again to keep moving … was more than a little annoying, especially as most of them were endlessly repeated in English.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves however as there were so many smiling faces around.  And let’s not forget that it was only a prequel to the big night, October 31!  Then it should be an even much bigger event!