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Sapporo Black Label 2017 Limited Edition Black Beer - a short review

When I saw the can for Sapporo Black Label 2017 Limited Edition Black Beer (5% alcohol), I thought the it looked very cool - jet black and the logo and writing all in gold!  Very nice!  I instantly bought it and I thought it was going to taste as good as that can looked.  Well, I ended up regretting it.  I can honestly say that this beer will not be remembered as one of my favourites for 2017.  Sapporo has produced some amazing beers, but this one I thought, was not for me.  On a scale of one to five, I gave it a one and that was for the can, but after the beer was finished it did make me think about when some beers should be drunk.

Sapporo Black Label 2017 Limited Edition Black Beer

Poured into the glass, it looked like a typical black beer with a dark hue to the foamy head.  However, there was a definite lack of fragrance, nothing to it really, just a very slight fruity aroma.   Not a great start, and at first sip, I was quite shocked.  I just couldn’t find anything pleasant in it.  It wasn’t horrible, it was just lacking in every area.  It was lacking in bitterness, nothing else at all to enjoy.  Tastewise, I felt this beer offered me very little.

However, it’s not all bad!  I did find that this beer went down quite easily, and I also found it quite fizzy which gave it a slight soft drink feel to it which I would probably find refreshing on a very hot summer day, or after some hard work.  So, that might have been the problem as I was drinking this beer in mid-October when it was quite cold, and a typhoon bearing down on me in Tokyo.  If I had tried this beer in summer, my thoughts about Sapporo Black Label 2017 Limited Edition Black Beer might have been quite different.  If the company brings out another edition of it in 2018, I’ll give it another try in the warmer months, but for the rest of 2017 I’ll give this beer a miss.  You can see the company’s (U.S.) website here.

If you've tried this beer, please let me know what you about it by leaving a comment below.