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My Favourite Japanese Sweet - Dango

I love dango.  Dango is the one Japanese sweet that I chose above all others.  They are made from rice flour (mochiko), rolled into little balls and served three or four on a skewer and often covered with a sweet soy sauce glaze (known as Mitarashi dango) or in anko (red-bean paste).  There are many regional variations of course.  If you want to eat something a little different or are on a budget in Tokyo, I highly recommend them.

Mitarashi dango bought from my local Ministop convenience store

In Japan, many people usually have them with a cup of green tea.  But in my case I usually don’t bother with the tea, as I just eat them straight off the skewer as I’m walking along, or with coffee at home (I can hear people screaming, “Coffee???”).  Eating them outside can be a problem, as Japan has a serious lack of rubbish bins to dispose of those skewers and any containers.  Minor problem I know but rather annoying all the same!

Dango in their package, made by Yamazaki

Where can you buy them?  You can get them at shops that specialize in Japanese sweets, which can be a little expensive.  Or you can get them from stalls, heated over a charcoal stove,  at festivals.  Or you can travel all the way out to Mount Takao to find the best dango in Japan but, festivals are only during the warmer month and I only go out to Mt. Takao in autumn, plus it is a very long trip just for dango!  So, when I need a dango fix, I like to call in to my local supermarket or convenience store.   For around ¥100 (tax not included) and sometimes less, you can get this pack of three.  I think they are an absolute bargain, but when you are in need of a fix they are easy to find and at that low price I highly recommend them!

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