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Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 - it's all about cars and girls

Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) is one event I love attending every year.  It’s an auto show but it concentrates more on customized cars and parts for them.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it to today’s event as I was in pretty desperate need of a dentist but I got there in the end.  Due to that problem, my time there was limited.  Still, I was very glad I got at least some time there as it is such a good event.

How much does this Mercedes cost? I was afraid to ask

I’m not much of a petrolhead, but I enjoy looking at cars and models (or racequeens as they are called in Japan) just as much as anyone else.  So many Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches it made my head spin thinking about how much the whole lot would be worth.  And it isn’t all about those luxury sports cars, they had Toyotas, Hondas, Triumphs, BMWs, Nissans and a few more!

No comment needed here I think

And it is mostly about bling.  Enormous sound systems in little vans, a Pikachu Lamborghini (no special Pokemon Go characters spawned nearby sorry!), cars with bouncing suspension and there was even a couple covered in crystals?  I think they were crystals.  Just amazing to look at.  If you like bling, and especially Japanese style bling, the Tokyo Auto Salon is just amazing.  Add a few very attractive models over them and you get AAA amazing.

Whenever I go to these events I love photographing the girls.  It’s not only because so many of them are extremely photogenic, it is that modelling is hard work.  Just imagine standing next to a car in some (usually) quite revealing outfit before a group of people, most of whom will be photographing you and you have to respond in a positive way because that is your job.  I’d find that quite daunting myself.  The top models can just keep doing it and doing and they pose for every photo as if it is a new experience for them.  In terms of their professionalism I’m really impressed.

Pure Tokyo bling - imagine this sound system in the back of you van

Some of the big car companies like Nissan and Subaru occupied a lot of floor space there but their displays seemed to be more mainstream, in my opinion more suited to the Tokyo Motor Show (which is coming up later this year).  As I was limited for time I just took a few snaps, made a quick judgement and moved on.

Business Day appeared to be a little smaller than in previous years, but that didn’t matter as the Tokyo Auto Salon has so much there to enjoy.  The cars are great and so are the models.  I really wish I could be going on Sunday, but I have some work commitments.  If you go though, please return here and leave a comment about how much (or how little) you enjoyed it.  And for those wanting to see the Tokyo Auto Salon website please click this link here.