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New Year's Day in Tokyo -2017

A new year, 2017 was about to arrive.  I wanted to do something different, so I did and got up at six-thirty and proceeded to go to the roof of my ten-story high apartment building and shoot the sunset.  It was a beautiful day to start the new year.  However, that wasn’t new as I had done that many times previously.  The new thing was to leave my house after breakfast, take the usual train to Shinjuku and start shooting.  Shoot till sunset was my plan and that was what I did.  Something I had never done on New Years day in Tokyo.

The first sunrise of 2017 in Tokyo

It was a great day and I enjoyed myself immensely, not thinking about 2016 nor thinking about the just arrived 2017.  All I wanted to do was shoot and shoot.  If I had got something that was about the new year, that would have been nice and I think I got a few “New Year” type of shots, but most weren’t.

At Meiji shrine in Harajuku and so is everyone else. The crowd was enormous.

I shot in Shinjuku, Yoyogi park, Meiji shrine, Harajuku, Shibuya, Nagatacho and around the Imperial Palace.  I shot skyscrapers and I shot people from behind as they stood waiting for subways.  A few pictures were taken of people asleep in a park.  I took photos of businesses with closed doors and trains passing stations.  I waited for thirty minutes to get a person walking past a large billboard.  It was a fantastic day just doing what I wanted to do.  In the end, I realized that as I didn’t have a plan I didn’t shoot anything meaningful, just only the stuff that I thought looked interesting at the time.  I think I just enjoyed the walking as much as the shooting.  It was a very nice day.  If I could do it every day I would be in heaven.

Anyway, sunset came and I was out of sunlight.  I went home and looked at my pictures. There were no jaw-dropping shots on my SD cards but that was okay.  There is always tomorrow.  I’ll pick up my camera again and shoot, but it will be with more of a plan.  The palace and Hama-Rikyu Gardens look promising.  The Emperor will give his New Year’s address and after that it will be photographing falcons.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.  If I’m lucky I’ll get many more days in 2017 shooting stuff that looks interesting.  Hopefully you will also get what you after in 2017 as well.  All the best.