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Tokyo Game Show 2016

An enormous crowd at Tokyo Game Show 2016

As they say, bigger is better and Tokyo Game Show 2016 was big!  I went today (i.e. Sunday, the final day) and the crowd was enormous, fractionally down from last year (108,117 versus 112,230 in 2015), but saw a growth in attendance overall.  It was a really good event with new titles plus a huge explosion in the number of virtual reality games.  A lot of the stuff there I just didn't know anything about but there was also stuff that had been there before and was good to see again, such as World of Tanks.  I had a good time, walking around taking pictures, watching people play games and various stage events.  The Tokyo Game Show has something for everyone to enjoy.

Armed and dangerous - one of the Soul Chronicle models at the Tokyo Game Show 2016

World of Tanks/ downsized a little this year I thought, but they still had a really strong booth with a great stage event.  Last year I think they had a huge mock-up of a WW2O-Ho Japanese tank that appears in the game, but this year they went the other direction with the much smaller Type 95 tank.  And as always, the girls from put on a good performance for the photographers.

Last year, Resident Evil, or Biohazard as it is known in Japan, put on a pretty lack-lustre performance, but this year was very, very different with the return of its seventh instalment.  The booth and the trailer they had for it, looked absolutely awesome and it attracted a huge crowd.  In fact, it actually looked that good that I'm pretty tempted to buy it, and I don't even play that type of game anymore.  It looked pretty scary.    

Biohazard 7 (Resident Evil 7) at Tokyo Game Show 2016

Sony was another company there that had an enormous presence with its PlayStation.  I had a look at the next version of Grand Turismo and it might be the best version yet.  Of course, I wanted to play it but Sony products always pull huge crowds the Tokyo Game Show that lining up for them becomes a real time sink.  The event gets so crowded that I honestly think it would be impossible for someone to play every game on offer over the course of the two day event as some of the queues are ridiculously long.

Even though it does have those crowds, the Tokyo Game Show is a really good event.  If you are into gaming of any type, you really should visit it at least once in your life.  Luckily it will return next in 2017.  You can see the 2016 website here.  If you want to see pictures from the latest event, i.e. 2017, click here.