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Design Festa Summer + Gakuten 2016

One of the girls from Lavender Gero (ラベンダーゲロ) went a little wild with the paint - great job!

This weekend at Tokyo Big Sight we saw the return of Gakuten/Design Festa Summer.  It was a great event to meet and talk with artists, creators, photographers and designers.  These people had pumped out so much new material for event:  paintings, sculpture, fashion, art, postcards, accessories, live performances and some other rather quirky stuff ... which always good to see.  And one of the best things about it is that it is open to everyone, so you get to see lots and lots from professionals through to students who can make some really amazing stuff! 

I've thoroughly enjoyed it whenever I've been there as there is so much high quality stuff to see.  Just walk around and there are so many booths to look at, maybe this year there were five hundred or so?  I've got no idea how many there were exactly but there were a lot.  My favourite were the glasses frames by Meganeya Base that I thought were very cool and I also really enjoyed watching local jpop band Owlman/Blossom (オウルマンxブロッサム) perform.  Anyway, there was a lot of stuff there that was extremely interesting.  Plus, this year I thought there were a few more people from overseas and talked to people from England, Brazil, Taiwan and the U.S.A.

One of the good things about Gakuten/Design Festa is that it being art, you don't need to speak Japanese.  All you need to do is walk around and look.  You can find so much there to entertain you.  

At 1000 yen, I think it would be impossible to find a cheaper day's entertainment out there.  It really is great value for money.  Gakuten might be over now, but it will return next year, so keep a day in your schedule open for it!

You can see the event's website here.  Gakuten/Design Festa is the brainchild of Design Festa Gallery which is located in Tokyo's Harajuku and you can see its website here.