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Shinjuku Southern Terrace Lights up

Shinjuku is always a popular place to go and every December over the last few years it has become even more so as the Southern Terrace near the Takashimaya department store lights up for Christmas.  The trees are festooned with pink lights and they bathe the area in a pretty glow bringing lots of people to the area.

A few people making their way through the lights at the Southern Terrace in Shinjuku

I’ve been to the Southern Terrace many times of course, but this was my first time there for this type of event and I was quite impressed.  Lights ups are very popular in Japan, as they attract huge numbers of people!  Once the lights go on, people pour out to see them.  Some people were they just walking around the lights and photographing them, others were there spending some time with someone special and some were there I’m sure just killing a bit of time before heading out for a night on the town.  And I’m also sure that Krispy Kreme which is located right in the middle of area was happy as well, as that shop was quite crowded when I was there.

The NTT Docomo building in Yoyogi is easily visible behind the trees

Even though I love photography, I have to admit that I’m not the most creative type and I was a little hesitant to shoot when I arrived as I had no idea how to shoot the lights!  I’d never photographed a place like that before.  But it was quickly resolved as I just walked around and studied everyone else.  There were so many people there to take their pictures.  Most people had their smart phones, but there were quite a few there with big DSLRs and a few more there with tripods.  It’s quite interesting to go a light up just to watch people taking photographs.  Very educational.

Tokyo has many areas lit up around the city for the Christmas season and well into January actually.  We’ve got lots of time to see them, but I’m not sure where I’ll shoot next weekend.  I’ve heard Marunouchi, Shibuya, Harajuku and a few other places are good.  If you’ve been to any of them, please let me know what they are like by leaving a comment down below.