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Perfect Human by Radio Fish

“Perfect Human”, a catchy little electro-rap number, sung by the group Radio Fish has been an enormous hit in Japan.  Radio Fish is actually the comedy group Oriental Radio, Shingo Fujimori and Atsuhiko Nakata, who do the vocals with a bunch of backup dancers. I think the film clip is really good and has some moves that have, for some reason, grabbed the Japanese public’s imagination.  It has proved so popular that people have been performing the dance at weddings and school sports festivals and uploading their efforts to YouTube (and you’ll even find a Lego version).  With everyone doing it, the song became a self-perpetuating hit and has garnered nearly 40 million views on YouTube.

“Perfect Human” went to number three on the Japan Hot 100 chart and to the number one position on the Japanese iTunes chart.  And as the lyrics include a few words about Tokyo, I thought it would be good to show it here.  If you are interested in Oriental Radio you can see their website here.

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