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Design Festa vol. 44

This weekend I went to Tokyo Big Sight for Design Festa vol. 44 which is apparently, the biggest art show in Asia.  To be honest, I really wouldn't call it an art show, as it is much, much more.  I'd actually term it the complete entertainment event because it has so much there other than art.  

Some of the work people put into their costumes at Design Festa vol. 44 was amazing

It is so diverse with artists, creators, photographers, designers, food and lots of live music.  Everyone turned out a lot of new material for the event:  paintings, sculpture, fashion, art, postcards, accessories, songs and some other rather quirky stuff ... it is so cool.  And one of the best things about it is that it is open to everyone, so you get to see lots and lots from professionals through to students who can make some really amazing stuff! 

The only thing I thought wasn't so good this year was the weather.  Outside, the number of people seemed to be down compared to previous events as the clouds were very grey.  However, the acts were great and I enjoyed everything I saw especially  Nagashima, Patron and a group from the U.S., Captain Wailer and the Harpoons.  These three groups were very loud and very energetic, really entertaining stuff.  Anyway, all the groups that were stage were just great.  It'll be interesting to see who will be at the next event in 2017.

Inside Tokyo Big Sight, everything that was on display/sale there, was of such great quality.  You could easily pick up environmentally-friendly iPhone speakers, paintings, clothes, jewelry, accessories and the list goes on and on.  A lot of people also turn up for Design Festa in cosplay, and some of them put so much effort into their costumes, really fabulous stuff.

The detail in this model was quite incredible

At the door you could pick tickets up for 1000 yen, which is a pretty good price since you can easily spend the whole day there, tremendous value for money.  Design Festa is over now, but it will return next year, so keep an eye open for it!

You can see the Design Festa vol. 44 website here.  I haven't asked for the official figures yet, but I feel it attracted more people than the previous event.  Design Festa and Gakuten, which is the sister event for students is run by Design Festa Gallery which is located in Tokyo's Harajuku.  You can see its website here.