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Halloween in Shibuya - 2016

Wow!!  That is all I can say ... just wow!!  There were a serious amount of people in Shibuya tonight.  Halloween at the crossing it just a people overload experience.  Lots of people were dressed up for the occasion with some looking rather cute and sexy through to those who looked pretty downright scary, with everything else in between.  I even saw a few guys just wearing underwear over their heads!  

Maids and undead in Shibuya for Halloween in 2016

Tonight I wasn't even planning to go, but one of my students mentioned that it was all happening and as I had a camera in my bag, I decided to get a snap a few shots on my way home.  Now I'm wishing I had had my DSLR with me as my little Ricoh GR II compact doesn't take the best pictures at night.  And even though I was in a hurry to get home, being tired and rather hungry after work, I managed to get a few snaps and everyone was very accommodating when asked for their photo.

Shibuya crossing with a massive crowd on it for Halloween 2016 in Tokyo

To be really honest though, considering how packed Shibuya was, it wasn't out of control nor overly noisy.  It was mainly people walking around looking back at other people who were looking at them kind of thing and then moving to Shibuya crossing to see how many people could be crammed into one small piece of road in Tokyo.  Near the Hachiko statue, you'd see a few people ask others to take photos together, but that was about it.  The whole event was nothing too wild, no crazy partying, which I guess is a good thing.  If I had to sum it up I'd say it was like ... having quiet fun in a very crowded place.

I've never really been into Halloween, just not a part of my culture I guess, but after tonight I think I might make the effort and join the crowds in Shibuya next year.